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Roots is Now Name Your Own Price
Roots can now be enjoyed on Windows, Mac, and Linux under a name your own price choice. I want to thank the people that have purchased the game, and appreciate...
The last content update
So, here it is. We are at the last content update for roots. It has been a pleasure working on this for the last two years. I learned a lot and am going to ke...
4 files
Winter 2 and Remix World 1 Now out!
Finally, a purpose for collecting stars. Enjoy 16 more levels of roots...
4 files — 1.0.1464.4615
New Demo
With feedback from others, the webgl preview has been replaced with a downloadable demo! This demo contains 7 more levels than the previous one, and should more...
4 files
The Mire - World 7 Released
Enjoy a new power up across 8 levels, the mire has come to slow you down and stop pesky fertilizer from moving you...
4 files — 1.0.1444.2635
2 More Seasons
Enjoy Spring 2 and Summer 2 as two additional seasons have been added...
4 files — 1.0.1444.2635
First Release!
Roots is finally out! What started 15 months ago just had the first major release. Finally releasing is a great release of pressure, and ahead of the Jan deadl...
5 files — 1.0.1444.2635
Borders, patches, and adjustments.
This build has a few quality of life fixes. Fertilizer graphics animation Sound level adjustments, especially on power ups being reduced. replay level now lets...
4 files — 1.0.1270.3273