4.3 Bug Fixes


This is just a round of bug fixes.

Walls and stone paths now show in the editor for you. They can not be placed at this time.

What is coming up in 4.4

  • All objects that spawn on a new game will be added (Bushes and such)
  • Level generator

For those of you that have donated at least $5 through any means: access to beta builds with additional features will be starting soon.


autonauts-level-editor-linux-universal.zip 34 MB
Version 4.3 Sep 22, 2017
unofficial-autonauts-level-editor-windows-x64.zip 16 MB
Version 4.3 Sep 22, 2017
autonauts-level-editor-osx-universal.zip 30 MB
Version 4.3 Sep 22, 2017
autonauts-level-editor-windows-x86.zip 14 MB
Version 4.3 Sep 22, 2017

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