A downloadable level editor for Windows and Linux

Recently updated to work with the official Autonauts full game!

Want to change the water on your Autonauts map? The unofficial Autonauts level editor can help you with an easy to use interface, it supports basic tile map edits.


  • Edit map tiles
  • Load!
  • Save!
  • This is very basic, forgive it.

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Editor created and changed save files are not supported by Denki. Bugs will happen, and this can damage your save files. Please see me for troubleshooting support in the Discord.

"Autonauts" trademark and trade dress is used under limited license from Denki.  This license does not waive any rights from Denki to the "Autonauts" trademark and trade dress. This license neither implies or endorses warranty from Denki for the Autonauts Level Editor.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
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unofficial-autonauts-level-editor-windows-x64.zip 28 MB
Version Mar 10, 2022
unofficial-autonauts-level-editor-linux-x64.zip 28 MB
Version Mar 10, 2022

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